Aerial Real Estate Photography

Are you a real estate professional trying to showcase your properties in the most stunning way possible? Do you want aerial real estate photography of your property listings that can take your audience’s breath away? If yes, then the solution is right here! We are a team of seasoned professionals offering exceptional real estate drone services that will knock your socks off.

 Our services are specifically designed to cater to clients in the beautiful state of Maine and surrounding areas. When you choose us, you are guaranteed to get access to cutting-edge drone technology and photography that will help your properties stand out in a highly competitive market.

 Our unique drone technology offers a one-of-a-kind aerial real estate photography will showcase every noteworthy aspect of your listings. Your potential client will get a bird’s-eye view of your property and a detailed look at the surrounding area, highlighting all the unique features and benefits of your property. Beyond this, our exceptional services can really help you do more! With a high-quality video shot by our team, you can showcase the entire community to your clients with a rich perspective of the surrounding area. 

This will help to hook your client with the spectacular view and deepen their interest in the property. By partnering with us, you could get ahead of the competition and give your property listings an edge to attract more leads your way. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Get in touch with us today to improve your marketing game.

Drone Real Estate photos

Each photography takes about 1 hour for set up, shooting and brake down. 

Scheduling of photos session will be based of weather conditions. High wind conditions and anything more then 50% clouds will require a reschedule.

Realtors please make sure we can fly around the listing.

Each photo shoot requires a property release.

Drone Real Estate Videos

Drone Real Estate videos can offer a diiferent prespective that has been seen in the past.They can be shared at different media outlets to get the bang for your advertizing buck.

Aerial Photography Pricing Levels


10 Jpeg photos

Copy right use 

MLS listing only


20 High Dynamic Range photos (HDR)

Copyright use






20 High Dynamic Range photos


Post on our Facebook page

Copyright use for





print materials

post on one site not listed

All photo shoots that are 40 miles away from the office in Richmond Maine are subject to .66 per mile trip charge.

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