Drone Construction Services

Drones can provide ortho geo-rectified 2-D Maps that measurements for distance and volumes. This can be used by contractors and project managers to make descions without stepping foot on the construction site.

Project progression orthomosaic maps can help with verification that items were received or installed.

Project progression can also help with planning the next stage of construction with map over lays.

Orthomosaic photo
Orthomosiac Map

Construction Services offered

Site Selection: We can fly a prospective site for the most updated view of the property and help with site selection and planning.

Zoning Meetings: Zoning meetings can be a pain in the butt and it can cause unwanted delays. You can use drone data and send it to the zoning board thereby speeding up the process.

Legal Protection and Documentation: uas services can document the conditions of the roads by creating a map or doing a video. That way the construction team is aware of the site before the trucks and heavy equipment show up.

Construction Monitoring and Management: Construction contractors can get the most updated high-resolution maps of their job sites for better site monitoring and overall site management.

Audit Concrete and other aggregates.

Osha Compliance

Construction Progression: Aerial imaging services can import the most up-to-date site plan to the drone map and compare the designs to reality – in both 2d and 3d. This can help construction companies accurately track the actual construction progress. It’s also a great way to keep interested parties, such as investors, apprised of the progress.

Drones are revolutionizing the way the construction industry operates and executes projects.

From pre-construction to project closeout, drone uses can help save time and cost across the entire construction life cycle.

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