Real Estate
Basic Real Estate Package – at Least 10 edited photos.
Silver Real Estate Package at least 10 Hdr edited photos.
 Golden hour photos and Video
Silver Video Package 45-90 seconds
Premier Video Package , music , text and 45-90 seconds.

Commercial use of Drones has increased to do a variety of inspections.  We are able to do Roof inspections, Tanks, Towers. We are able to save the client money and decrease their risk by not putting workers in areas where items can be observed prior to putting them in Harms way.

Commercial Drone Photography allows Professional Aerial Photography Companies to provide many services like Aerial Progression Photography, Aerial Inspections of large properties and Drone Modeling.
One of the biggest reasons to have a drone to photograph your project. Is documentation. Can you prove that you put in that drain pipe with out digging it up? and costing you money. Now you can with drone technology.

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