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Aerial Imaging services of maine has many diferent drone services to choose real estate photography services/video services, Roof inspection services,and drone construction services. We also can do web hosting services for your project so that you and the other stake holders can view the progress from anywhere in the world.

Real Estate Photography

We get a flat rate for Drone Photography and .66 cents per mile after 40 miles from the home office. 20 HDR photos are included in the flat-rate fee. We also apply meta data to your listing. That way your listing can be found online by the search engines easier.

Real Estate Videos

Real Estate videos are for the higher-end listing that you need the extra exposure. We can create a minute and a half video with music, business, and other graphics that can be shown on http://www.youtube.com Prices will vary so please contact us for a quote

Construction Services

Drone services company can now offer a wide variety of services to Construction companies, project managers and other stake holders.

Some of the services we offer are project management, project progression photos, 2d orthomosaic photogrammetry, stock pile management and 3d modeling.

If you would like to learn more on what drones can do for you on your next project click below to learn more

Construction site
Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections can be completed in a short period of time for residential or commercial properties. This can limit your companies risk and have the photos to the decision makers rapidly.

Depending on the type of project, you can just down and dirty photos or if the client wishes we can give an itemized list from our Artificial Intelligence program.

Roof inspection
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