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How can Drones help you?

 I will be creating a multi part post on How can drones Help You? 

Let get started.

Well that is a very loaded question. Many people think that drones don’t help them or could improve there lives.

Real Estate photography and Videos- Just a few years ago, no one would think that you could hire a Licensed Drone Pilot to get a picture of your home. (No way, that is amazing.) to show in its best light and to show a different perspective. Now a day it is pretty common place.

So there is also something else a Drone Professional Photographer can do for your Real Estate listing. If you have a large parcel land that you would like to put on the market but you have no photo. Then you say to yourself, I will go to www.googlemaps.com and get my picture from there. There is a few problems with that. First it may not show the accuracy that you would like.

You may have just done a project on the property that will not show up on google maps. That brings me to the next reason you should hire a drone pilot. A good Drone Pilot can create an orthomosaic map which can show a high level of detail. Check out the orthomosaic Map below. The photos below are about 150 photos stitched together using the gps in the drone to make the one photo. This photo was taken at about 350′ off the ground. In this example you can’t zoom in as much because of the file size and that I had to make so everyone could see it in the post

Orthomosaic photo

Colored Drone Elevation mapWhile your drone pilot is collecting the data for the orthomosaic photo he also can collect data that can show the Topography of the the property being shot. This can show you and the potential buyer a lot of information. Like elevation of the property and drainage. The darker blue shows wet areas and the yellow shows shows dryer. This could show a potential developer where he could put the houses, roads and drainage. This could save lot of time and money.


This concludes the Real estate Section on How can drones Help you? Keep in mind that the Drones and the Tech behind drones are changing rapidly. Please be on the look out for my next article which we will be covering Construction, In the How can drones Help you? Series.

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